Deegan Kroeze

Age: 12

Bike: Yamaha YZF-R15

Home town: Hamilton

Current town: Tauranga

What age did you first ride a motorcycle?

I got a PW80 for my 5th birthday and rode that around a lifestyle block we lived on. My mum and step-dad used to pillion me everywhere and I basically grew up at the race track wanting to race. 

What got you into motorcycle racing?

I grew up at the race track with my step-dad racing and my mum riding as well. All our family and friends rode bikes one way or another. I loved riding BMX and mountain biking with my step-dad and he would challenge me to try trickier things all the time so when the opportunity to ride motorcycles came up I was up for the challenge! 

What's your favourite thing about motorcycle racing?

Everything! We have such a cool team and friends that all support each other. My family and sponsors are the best.

What are your racing goals for this season?

Podium Supersport 150 and keep learning all I can. 

Interesting fact about you:

I enjoy mountain biking and like baking and cooking. My dance moves are pretty sweet!

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Deegan aboard his Yamaha YZF-R15 during his first race at Hampton Downs on 5 November 2023.