Madi Berry

Age: 21

Bike: Kawasaki Ninja 300

Home town: Christchurch, NZ

Current town: Sunny Nelson!

What age did you first ride a motorcycle?

I actually rode a motorbike before I could ride a push bike at about 3-4 years old! I was told when I learnt to ride a push bike I could have my own motorbike, so that afternoon I learnt to ride a push bike. Within a couple of hours, I went inside asking for my own motorbike.

What got you into motorcycle racing?

My dad got my brother and I into motocross racing when I was 12 years old. I have only just started road racing, completing my first year/season in 2020 in the Gixxer 150 Cup class. 

What's your favourite thing about motorcycle racing?

I think it’s fair to say racing is my ultimate favourite part! But I definitely enjoy the downtime off the track just as much as I do trying to cut seconds off out on track! The people, atmosphere and whole vibe of being a part of racing are what I really get the buzz of. Learning on and off the track is what I love too. People giving you advice about techniques, how to set up your bike, everything about it is awesome. It’s like a massive family!

What are your racing goals for this season?

I don’t have huge expectations on myself this season as I’m stepping straight into it after just recovering from a nerve injury in my neck. I want to improve my lap times at each track over the weekend and learn more about race craft and making adjustments to the bike to improve out on track rather than focusing on places. And most of all I WANT TO HAVE FUN, every time I twist the throttle! 

Interesting fact about you:

I’m not sure I have any hidden talents! I’m a pretty full-on person and you get all of me very quickly after getting to know me. I spin spanners all week long on Fords and hit the race track on weekends, and of course have a little fun every now and then like every 21-year-old does! Living life in the fast lane! 

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Madi Berry NZSBK 2020 ASP

Madi Berry gets focused ahead of the final race at Round 2 of the 2020 NZSBK Championship.